Here's how to see search messages in Spam and Trash: Open Gmail. In the search box at the top of the page, click the Down arrow . In the drop-down menu next to " Search," select Mail & Spam & Trash. Fill in the boxes with the information you're looking for.

Step 1. Basics of Attaching Files in Gmail To create a new message, click the Compose button in Gmail. ... To open the File Upload window, click the Attach Files icon. ... The Gmail attachment appears as a link in your message. ... Find the files to be zipped in File Explorer. ... The files are zipped into a single, compressed file.

If you want incoming messages for that address to go directly into a designated folder, select the options " Apply the label" and " Skip the Inbox." You must apply both filters, or else the mail will go to the new folder and your regular inbox. 7. Hit " Create filter" to save your changes.

Use a particular message to create a filter Open Gmail. Check the checkbox next to the email you want. Click More . Click Filter messages like these. Enter your filter criteria. Click Create filter.

Label emails automatically On your computer, open Inbox. On the left, next to the label you want, click Settings . Under " Automatically add messages," click Add. In the " From" field, click the Down arrow . Choose an option. Enter a name, email address, or keyword.

Here's how to use Multiple Email Forward for Gmail: Select the Emails to Forward. Start by selecting the emails you want to forward. Click the Forward Icon or “ Forward All Emails in Label” Click the forward icon button: Enter an Email Address. ... The Recipient Will Begin Receiving the Emails.