The View Cube is a navigation tool that is displayed when you are working in 2 D model space or 3 D visual style. With View Cube, you can switch between standard and isometric views. The View Cube is a persistent, clickable and draggable interface that you use to switch between standard and isometric views of your model.

It's written in third person limited point of view. The narrator describes the thoughts and feelings of Jerry and his mother, but we don't know the thoughts and feelings of any of the other characters. Telling the story from the point of view of the white tourists emphasizes the gap between Jerry and the local boys.

Political Realism. Realism is an approach to the study and practice of international politics. It emphasizes the role of the nation-state and makes a broad assumption that all nation-states are motivated by national interests, or, at best, national interests disguised as moral concerns.

Liberalism, political doctrine that takes protecting and enhancing the freedom of the individual to be the central problem of politics. Liberals typically believe that government is necessary to protect individuals from being harmed by others, but they also recognize that government itself can pose a threat to liberty.

Kay likely gets about $7.60 per 1,000 ad views, down from $9.35 in 2012, according to Tube Mogul, which buys and sells video ads. Ads are only run on a minority of videos shown. Roughly, a video creator will earn $2,000 for every million views. " And then You Tube takes 45 percent," the Times notes.

Advertisers only pay when someone clicks an ad or watches for 30 seconds. This is why you can't tie your channel views to dollars. If your video gets ten million views but nobody watches or click the ads, you don't make any money. This is how I'm able to make $1 per 25 views.

Liberal policies generally emphasize the need for the government to solve people's problems. ... Democrats are often viewed as more liberal. CONSERVATIVES – Generally believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values and a strong national defense.

How to turn off View Cube for all visual styles Issue: You want to know how to turn off the View Cube for all visual styles in 2 D and 3 D environment. Solution: Go to Options > 3 D Modeling. Uncheck '2 D Wireframe visual style' and ' All other visual styles' under Display the View Cube. ​ ... Products: Auto CAD Products. Versions: 2017;2014;2015;2016;2019;2018.

Step 3: Select The Account Option. Select the Account option under Basic Info on the android Badoo app Settings screen for deleting the account. Click on the phone number/ Email in the Account option and you will be led to another screen, where you can go further to delete the Badoo profile.

To deactivate your Happn account, just go to the left-hand menu and hit the Preferences tab. Go to “ About” and then select “ Deactivate my account.” Easy. POF allows users to hide their profile — go to “ Edit profile” and click the “ To hide your profile from others, click here” link in the menu.

" Gangnam Style" is the most popular You Tube video of all-time. But its nearly 900 million views have made its artist, the K-pop sensation Psy, just $870,000, according to AV Club. But don't cry for Psy. His single still managed to make more than $8 million in international downloads, endorsements, and commercials.

Christian marriage is a union between a man and a woman, instituted and ordained by God, for the lifelong relationship between one man as husband and one woman as wife.

View, organize, or delete comments View comments on videos. To view comments on a video, just scroll down the video's page. ... Change what comments show first. On the web, you can change how comments show under a video. ... View your comment history. You can view public comments you've left across You Tube. ... Delete comments. Go to History.

If you want to recover Whats App chat history, click “ Whats App” and you can preview all your Whats App chat history to choose which to restore on your computer. Click “ Recover” button, and within few minutes you can retrieve your Whats App deleted messages from your Android.

Show or Hide the View Cube by Visual Style Right-click the drawing area and choose Options. On the 3 D Modeling tab, under Display Tools In Viewport Display The View Cube, click or clear: 2 D Wireframe Visual Style. All Other Visual Styles.

Method 2 Android Open Whats App. It's an app with a telephone receiver inside of a green speech bubble. Tap Chats. This tab is near the top of the screen. ... Scroll down to the bottom of your chat inbox. You should see Archived Conversations (number) appear. ... Tap Archived Conversations. ... Tap on the chat you want to view.

Whats App automatically creates a backup of your chat data everyday at 4 am system time, and this data is stored on the SD card of your Android phone. When you re-install the app, you are prompted to restore your message history. Simply tap Restore and everything less than seven days old is restored.

With Phone Rescue for i OS, you can directly recover deleted Whats App messages from i Phone or retrieve Whats App chat history from i Tunes or i Cloud backup. Additionally, it is free to use it to scan all of your Whats App messages on i Phone or i Phone Backup.

So, if you delete the message before it reaches whatsapp servers then the message won't be sent. That means before the single tick appears. Once the messages reaches the server, it is not in your control.

How to delete all your email on your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch Open the Mail app. Tap the inbox you'd like to relieve of its unread count. Tap Edit. Tap Trash All (or its less-fun cousin, Mark All). Tap the Trash All/ Archive All confirmation alert (or, if you're Marking All, tap Mark as Unread).

1. Recover Deleted Messages from Whats App i Cloud Backup. Whats App will not save your daily data on its servers, so it can't help you recover deleted messages. However it allows you to back up your chat history and media to i Cloud by setting up chat backup on Whats App settings.