Other symptoms of a prolapsed bladder include the following: Discomfort or pain in the pelvis, lower abdomen, and when sitting. Tissue protruding from the vagina ( The tissue may be tender and may bleed.) ... More frequent bladder infections.

Here the list of 10 most painful insect stings in the world.8 Bullhorn Acacia Ant.7 Bald- Faced Hornet.6 Yellow Jacket.5 Honey Bee.4 Red Harvester Ant.3 Paper Wasp.2 Tarantula Hawk.1 Bullet Ant.

It lists pain on a scale from one to four and unsurprisingly the bullet ant tops the charts. Level 4: bullet ant, tarantula hawk wasp. Level 3: paper wasp, harvester ant. Level 2: honey bee, yellow jacket wasp, bald-faced hornet. Level 1.5: bullhorn acacia ant. Level 1: fire ant, sweat bee.

The most common symptom of a stress fracture in the foot or ankle is pain. The pain usually develops gradually and worsens during weight-bearing activity. ... Swelling on the top of the foot or on the outside of the ankle. Tenderness to touch at the site of the fracture.