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The U. S. Department of Education defines the five domains of school readiness as follows: Language and literacy development. Cognition and general knowledge (including early mathematics and early scientific development) Approaches toward learning. Physical well-being and motor development. Social and emotional development.

The simplest of activities at every age level promotes stimulation and growth in their cognitive, social, language, and physical (fine and gross motor) skills. These four domains develop all at the same time. Cognitive Development is learning and processing of information – our thinking and knowing.

What are the developmental domains? Physical Domain. Behaviours involving the body. ... Language Domain. Behaviours involving communication. ... Aesthetic Domain. Skills and behaviours used to perceive and evaluate beauty, both in the natural world and man-made objects. ... Cognitive Domain. ... Emotional Domain. ... Social Domain.

As previously stated, when looking at child development, several domains or developmental areas are considered: motor/physical, cognitive, social/emotional, communication/language, and self-help. Each domain and a brief description of the typical developmental sequences for each are noted below.

The three major domains of development are physical, cognitive, and psychosocial.

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