1.) If your command line is off hold down the " Ctrl" button and while stilling holding this down select the "9" key on the Keyboard this should turn the Command Line back on. 2.) This will bring up a message that asks if you are sure you want to turn the command Line off Select Yes and the Command Line is turned off.

Method 2 Training Your Feet Do interval training 2-3 times a week. ... Mix in long runs, shadow boxing, and short sprints on non-interval days. ... Pepper in 1-2 long, slow distance runs each week to rest and stretch your legs. ... Jump rope every day you train. ... Work on agility drills, like ladders and quick cuts.

Unlike other storage units, such as chests, shulker boxes keep their items when broken, which can be retrieved when placed again. Shulker boxes will drop as an item if pushed by pistons, and can be placed using dispensers. ... A shulker box has 27 inventory slots, the same number as a chest.

Find a message In Mail, click the folder that you want to search. In the Instant Search box, type your search text. ... To widen your search to include all folders in Mail, at the end of the search results, click Try searching again in All Mail Items.

Note: when you "archive" a message, all this means is the messages has its " Inbox" label removed. ... So, in the second screen, using " Skip the Inbox" with " Apply the Label:[ ]" would move incoming mail matched by the filter automatically into a separate "folder" in Outlook speak.

You can store messages in an Archive mailbox—for example, to quickly find them later when you're ready to take action. ... View archived messages: When you archive messages, Mail creates an archive mailbox in the Mail sidebar for each account whose messages you're archiving, and moves the messages you selected there.

Change the junk mail filter To easily verify what Mail identifies as junk mail, select “ Mark as junk mail, but leave it in my Inbox.” If you're sure the filter accurately identifies junk mail, select “ Move it to the Junk mailbox.” To set up other actions, select “ Perform custom actions,” then click Advanced.

#1 – Use the Edit button in Mail Application Launch your Mail app on i Phone. Click on the arrowed Edit button in the upper-right corner. Re-add the Inbox folder to your Mail folder list, by tapping the circle next to the Inbox. This will add a tick to the circle as shown in the picture. Tap on Done.

To enable smart folders that focus on certain types of messages in your i OS Mail email inboxes: Swipe in from the left edge until you are on the Mailboxes screen. Tap Edit. Makes sure all smart folders you want available are checked. Tap to toggle checked status for the following folders: