To include a check box that can be checked electronically within your word document, you must first ensure that the Developer tab is displayed. Display the developer tab. i. File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Select the Developer to display > OK. Insert A Check Box That Can Be Checked.

Create a cell reference to another worksheet Click the cell in which you want to enter the formula. In the formula bar , type = (equal sign) and the formula you want to use. Click the tab for the worksheet to be referenced. Select the cell or range of cells to be referenced.

To quit the vi editor without saving any changes you've made: If you are currently in insert or append mode, press Esc . Press : (colon). The cursor should reappear at the lower left corner of the screen beside a colon prompt. Enter the following: q!

vi always starts out in command mode. When you wish to move between the two modes, keep these things in mind. You can type i to enter the insert mode. If you wish to leave insert mode and return to the command mode, hit the ESC key.

If you have an US English keyboard, pressing Ctrl - [ is equivalent for pressing Esc . This provides an easy way to exit from insert mode. Alternatively use Ctrl - c . If you've vim in easy mode ( -y ), then you've to press Ctrl - l ( Control- L) to exit insert mode.

Follow these steps to import and place an image on a PDF: Open the PDF file on which you want to place the image. Choose Tools—> Advanced Editing—> Touchup Object Tool. Right-click and choose Place Image… A standard file dialog will appear: Select an image file and click Open.

Steps to Electronically Sign a PDF Using Trackpad Open the PDF file you need to sign in Preview. Click on the toolbox icon ( ) and then the signature ( ) icon. Click on Create Signature > Click Here to Begin. Draw your signature on the trackpad. ... Click on the signature created to insert it into the PDF document.

How to Create a Signature with Your Logo in Gmail Locate the Email Signature Tool. In Gmail, you'll find this in the settings (click the gear icon at the top right side of the page, then select “ Settings” from the menu. ... Add Your Contact Information. ... Add Your Logo. ... Arrange the Elements. ... Add Links.

Select Copy image URL. Click on the Settings cog icon that is located at the top right corner of your mailbox, and scroll down to the Signature section. Next, click on the Insert Image option, and paste the URL of your image in the appropriate field.