Many nausea remedies don't necessarily cure the condition, but they may help you feel more comfortable. Sit up and avoid crunching the stomach. ... Open a window or sit in front of a fan. ... Apply a cool compress. ... Apply pressure. ... Meditate or take deep breaths. ... Shift your focus. ... Stay hydrated. ... Opt for chamomile tea.

Method 2 Riding Strategically to Avoid Motion Sickness Eat something to settle your stomach. ... Sit in the most stable part of the ride. ... Keep your head and neck straight. ... Keep your eyes on a fixed point. ... Reduce your activity. ... Apply pressure to your P6 point.

Roller Coaster Ride – Dream Meaning and Interpretation. Roller coaster can be pretty scary. They test our fear limit and often leave us with nightmares afterwards. But, to other people, they are a form of entertainment and enjoyment. Depending on the way you feel about these rides, the dream interpretation will vary.

To determine your personal meaning, look at how the dreams about horses make you feel, and how you react to them. A dream in which you're riding a horse, feeling the wind in your face and a sense of freedom means something completely different than facing a stampede of rearing horses. Jul 13, 2011

To see a sick dog in your dream symbolizes a neglected friendship. If the dog is dead or dying, then it means a loss of a good friend or a deterioration of your instincts. Also consider common notions associated with the word dog, such as loyalty ("man's best friend") and to be "treated like a dog".

Dream meaning Amusement Park Rides According to dream psychologists, the amusement park is also a symbol of sexual excitement. The water-based rides represent ones “inner” courage. To visit the amusement park with friends can denote that you will encounter a situation where you need to prove yourself. Search for: Dream meaning Amusement Park Rides

Part 2 Reinforcing Your Sickness in the Morning Wake up before your parents and quietly make fake vomit. Put it in the toilet and pretend to throw up. ... Be reluctant to get dressed. Don't volunteer to get yourself ready for school. ... Fake bags under your eyes. ... Pick at your breakfast. ... Protest if they suggest you stay home.

In the meantime, try these simple, natural ways to avoid the pain, or to tackle headaches, nausea, and general malaise the day after: Drink water. ... Drink other fluids, too. ... Grease up before you go. ... Consume sugar while you're drinking. ... Fill up the morning after. ... Eat ginger. ... Watch for prickly pear cactus. ... Go back to bed.