Method 1 Faking an Injured Ankle or Knee Fake a sprained ankle for a 3-4 week injury. ... Pretend to have knee pain if you want a long-lasting fake injury. ... Elevate your leg when you're sitting for the first few days. ... Wrap a compression bandage around the injury. ... Carry around an ice pack to ice your injury every few hours.

Dreaming of a crab indicates that you are being stingy or needy and holding on to someone or something too tightly. It suggests that you are being irritable or emotionally insensitive as well. ... It is telling you that you are determined and constant in your emotions, but you may also be overly “crabby” and annoying. Jun 26, 2013

Part 2 Using Your Mind to Fake Laugh Naturally Prime yourself for laughter. If you're already in a good mood, it'll be easier for you to shift gears into laughing mode. ... Smile at all times to prep for laughter. ... Open yourself to the laughter of others. ... Laugh grammatically. ... Keep a mental laugh bank.

Part 2 Reinforcing Your Sickness in the Morning Wake up before your parents and quietly make fake vomit. Put it in the toilet and pretend to throw up. ... Be reluctant to get dressed. Don't volunteer to get yourself ready for school. ... Fake bags under your eyes. ... Pick at your breakfast. ... Protest if they suggest you stay home.

There are also other legal ways to avoid tax which are well worth looking at. Use your Isa allowance. ... Save into a pension. ... Use your capital gains tax allowance. ... Use your partner or spouse's tax allowance. ... Use childcare vouchers. ... Think about where you buy your insurance from. ... Eat more healthily.

Method 1 Getting Ready to Break UpCheck your friendship. ... Determine if they are in fact, a fake friend. ... Don't fight breaking up with a friend. ... Remove the benefit for the fake friend. ... Keep contact minimal. ... Ask for advice from people you trust. ... Make sure you want to end this friendship.

A person who falsely claims to be, feel, or do something can be said to be fake. When your friend acts sweet but spreads rumors about you behind your back, you can call her a fake. As a verb, fake means to take an action with the intent to deceive.