Click on “ E-mail” to create a new email (or attach to any reply). Select the email you want to forward in the folder, and then drag it to the body area of the email. ( An alternative is to select multiple emails as in Outlook 2003/ XP below.)

In general, if you are e-mailing the pictures to friends who will view them on a computer screen, you will want to send them pictures in the jpeg format at 640 x 480 pixels. If you are printing the pictures, you need about 150 pixels per inch of print size.

Compress your files before sending Navigate to the folder that contains the file you want to send. Select a file. ... Right-click the selection, select Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder. This creates a new zip file that contains the file or files you selected in step 2.

Right click on one of the selected pictures. Select “send to” and then “mail recipient.” A dialog box will pop up. Click on the button next to “make all my pictures smaller,” or select “show more options” to choose your image size.

To downsize a large image using the application: Open Image Resizer for Windows. Right-click on one or more picture files in File Explorer. Click Resize pictures in the menu that appears. Select one of the preconfigured sizes or indicate a custom size and enter the desired dimensions. Click Resize.

Method 1 Using Google Drive ( Gmail) Open the Gmail website. If you aren't logged into your Gmail account, do so now with your email address and password. Click Compose. Click the Google Drive button. ... Click the Upload tab. ... Click Select files from your computer. Select your video. ... Click Upload. ... Enter your email details.

How to attach a folder to email in Outlook: Starting in Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder you want to email. Right click on the folder itself. In the menu that pops up, choose “ Send to”, then choose “ Compressed (zipped) folder” Rename the zipped folder if necessary, then hit enter.