Try the following solutions to restore your missing ribbon and/or toolbar: Turn off the Clean Screen feature. The Clean Screen feature maximizes the drawing area by hiding the ribbon, toolbars, and palettes. ... Turn on the Ribbon setting. At the command line, enter ribbon to restore the ribbon. Change Workspaces.

Yellow is commonly seen as a symbol to support our troops and to give us hope. However, it is also a symbol for POW/ MIA ( Prisoners of War, Missing in Action), suicide prevention, adoptive parents, spina bifida, sarcoma, missing children, bladder, liver, and bone cancer, craniofacial acceptance, and endometriosis.

To display the ribbon if it is not displayed in your workspace, or has been closed, enter ribbon on the command line. You can use the button at the right of the tab names to modify the appearance of the ribbon as follows: To display only the tab names as titles, click ( Minimize to Tabs).

To restore the ribbon, try one of the following methods: Switch to a different workspace and then back again. In the Options dialog box, change to a different Auto CAD profile and then back again. Reload the main CUI file: Enter the CUILOAD command. Click the Browse button. Select the ACAD. CUIX file and then click Load.

Convert Toolbars to Ribbon Panels Click Manage tab Customization panel User Interface. Find. In the Customize User Interface editor, Customize tab, in the Customizations In pane, open the Toolbars list. Right-click the toolbar you want to convert and select Copy to Ribbon Panels.