Treatments to prevent or relieve bloating Avoid chewing gum. ... Limit your intake of carbonated drinks. Avoid foods that cause gas, such vegetables in the cabbage family, dried beans, and lentils. Eat slowly and avoid drinking through a straw. Use lactose-free dairy products (if you are lactose intolerant).

Watery blues that remind you of the blue sky or of the water are the most stress-reducing colors. According to Feng Shui wisdom, blues can even slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. A light to medium shade of grey-blue is another one of the most calming colors.

Treatment: Use moist heat on the breasts for a few minutes, or take a brief hot shower before breastfeeding. ... Use cold compresses for 10 minutes after feedings to reduce swelling. Gently massage and compress the breast when the baby pauses between sucks.

Each of these stress-relieving tips can get you from OMG to om in less than 15 minutes. Meditate. A few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety. ... Breathe Deeply. Take a 5-minute break and focus on your breathing. ... Be Present. Slow down. ... Reach Out. ... Tune In to Your Body.

Use hot or cold compresses on your breasts. Wear a firm support bra, fitted by a professional if possible. Wear a sports bra during exercise, especially when your breasts may be more sensitive. Experiment with relaxation therapy, which can help control the high levels of anxiety associated with severe breast pain.

Stuffiness, Ear Discomfort, and Sinus Pain Get moisture. Use a nasal saline spray several times a day, or hold a warm, moist washcloth to your face. ... Check the medicine cabinet. ... Try a decongestant . ... Avoid temperature extremes. ... Keep your head up. ... Blow your nose gently.

To relieve ear pain or discomfort, you can take steps to open the Eustachian tube and relieve the pressure, such as: Chew gum. Inhale, and then gently exhale while holding the nostrils closed and the mouth shut. Suck on candy. Yawn.

Here are 17 home remedies that help you get rid of nausea without using medications. Eat Ginger. ... Peppermint Aromatherapy. ... Try Acupuncture or Acupressure. ... Slice a Lemon. ... Control Your Breathing. ... Use Certain Spices. ... Try Relaxing Your Muscles. ... Take a Vitamin B6 Supplement.

Fortunately, there are just as many remedies that can help you deal with this annoying and troublesome problem. Drink Water. ... Pick Up Some Potassium. ... Have a Cup of Colon Tea or Peppermint Tea. ... Try Lemon Water. ... Go for a Walk.

Here are 10 pillars for building Herculean strength, straight from Olympus. Use free weights and compound movements. ... Learn perfect technique. ... Use a low repetition range. ... Warm up properly. ... Increase the resistance every time you train. ... Train your weak points. ... Limit your exercise selection. ... Train like a strongman.

Work your memory. ... Do something different repeatedly. ... Learn something new. ... Follow a brain training program. ... Work your body. ... Spend time with your loved ones. ... Avoid crossword puzzles. ... Eat right–and make sure dark chocolate is included.

There are tons of steps you can take to run faster, smoke the competition, and maybe even sent a new PR. Nail good form. ... Count your steps. ... Try interval training. ... Don't forget to sprint. ... 5. Make the treadmill your friend. ... Stretch daily. ... Switch up your pace. ... Jump rope.

Method 3 Cultivating Quick Thinking Cultivate a growth mindset. Studies show that learning from your mistakes improves your mental processes. ... Undertake activities that promote fast thinking. ... Use all your senses. ... Prioritize the tasks you give your brain. ... Repeat the information you really want to know.

When you're starting your run, just jog. Find your pace, and build up until you've reached your target heart rate. Once you do, you should be able to jog 400 meters easily without getting tired. When you finally do feel winded, slow down to a jog again, until your body feels better.

20 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory Walk Before An Exam. It's been proven that exercise can boost your memory and brain power. ... Speak Out Loud Instead of Simply Reading. ... Reward Yourself With A Treat. ... Teach What You Have Learned. ... Create Mental Associations. ... Draw Diagrams. ... Times New Roman is the Fastest Font to Read. ... Use Apps to Block Distracting Sites.

2. White Vinegar Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Add a few drops of any essential oil and shake the bottle thoroughly. Spray this solution around baseboards and other entry points. After an hour, wipe up the ants using a damp paper towel and discard them.

Method 2 Completing Your Assignments Spend some extra time on your homework. If you have been getting poor grades on homework assignments, it's time to up your game and put a little more effort into them. ... Turn your work in on time. ... Ask about making up missed assignments. ... Ask to re-do old assignments. ... Prioritize.

You can reduce belching if you: Eat and drink slowly. Taking your time can help you swallow less air. ... Avoid carbonated drinks and beer. They release carbon dioxide gas. Skip the gum and hard candy. ... Don't smoke. ... Check your dentures. ... Get moving. ... Treat heartburn.

Method 1 Improving Your Grades over the Short Term Assess where you are in the semester and what you have left to do. ... Assess your current studying techniques thoroughly. ... Talk to your teacher. ... Talk to your parents. ... Create a study schedule and get yourself organized. ... Buckle down … and stay buckled down till it's over.

The 10 Deadliest Cancers and Why There's No Cure Lung and bronchial cancer: 792,495 lives. ... Colon and rectal cancer:268,783 lives. ... Breast cancer: 206,983 lives. ... Pancreatic cancer: 162,878 lives. ... Prostate cancer: 144,926 lives. ... Leukemia: 108,740 lives. ... Non- Hodgkin lymphoma: 104,407 lives. ... Liver and intrahepatic bile duct cancer: 79,773 lives.

Top ways to make money online and offline No-risk matched betting. Hands down the quickest way to make a lot of money (well, without breaking the law). ... Online surveys. ... Paid for searching the web. ... Online market trading. ... Start your own website. ... Review websites & apps for cash. ... The ' Disney Vault' secret. ... ' Get Paid To' sites.

Science proves there are six ways you can learn and retain something faster. Teach Someone Else ( Or Just Pretend To) ... Learn In Short Bursts of Time. ... Take Notes By Hand. ... Use The Power of Mental Spacing. ... Take A Study Nap. ... Change It Up.

Flow Of Energy FEET. They are spread on the ground a little wider than shoulder width. ... LEGS. Knees are always slightly bent. ... HIPS. Turn your hips. ... UPPER BODY. Your torso should rotate as much as possible and spin the punch out from your shoulders. ... SHOULDERS. ... ARMS. ... HANDS. ... HEAD.

Steps Get in your jab stance. A jab is the fastest punch that you can throw. Slightly hunch your back with your knees bent. ... Use your entire body to punch. Only using your arm muscles doesn't produce your maximum speed or power. ... Allow your muscles to recover. Take a breath and relax after you throw a punch.

Keith Liddell is a boxer, mathematician and author. He holds the record for the "fastest punch" in the Guinness World Records. The punch was registered at 45 miles per hour.

Here are 8 evidence-based ways to increase testosterone levels naturally. Exercise and Lift Weights. ... Eat Protein, Fat and Carbs. ... Minimize Stress and Cortisol Levels. ... Get Some Sun or Take a Vitamin D Supplement. ... Take Vitamin and Mineral Supplements. ... Get Plenty of Restful, High- Quality Sleep.