Method 2 Using Paint in Windows Make a copy of the image file. ... Open the image in Paint. ... Select the entire image. ... Click the " Resize" button. ... Use the " Resize" fields to change the size of the image. ... Click " OK" to see your resized image. ... Drag the canvas edges to match the resized image. ... Save your resized image.

Open in Preview, in the " Tools" menu select " Adjust Size..." there you can change the dimensions and/or resolution. Instead or in addition you can export as jpeg (" File" menu, " Export...") and select a low quality setting, right there it will give you an estimate of the new file size.

To reduce an image's file size without changing its dimensions: Choose Tools > Adjust Size. Select “ Resample image.” Enter a smaller value in the Resolution field.

How to resize photos on your i Phone and i Pad Launch Image Size from your Home screen. Tap the Image Icon in the upper right corner. ... Tap the image you would like to resize. Tap Choose in the lower right corner. Select your image resize option at the top of the page.

Here's how you go about setting up i Cloud Photo Library and Optimize Storage. Make sure you're on Wi- Fi. Enable i Cloud Photo Library. Launch the Settings app. Tap Photos & Camera. Select Optimize Storage.

Windows includes the Paint application you can use to reduce the width and height of your photo as well as its file size. Launch Windows Paint and then load the image you want to resize. Click the " Home" tab, then the " Resize" button. Check the box labeled " Maintain aspect ratio."

Compress and Save Image Save your file as a JPEG. Compress the file between 60% and 80%. Use the photo view on the left do determine the percentage of compression. The higher the percentage the better the quality of the photo. Click Save.