To set up a new email folder in i Phone Mail: Open the Mail app on your i Phone. Go to the folders list for the desired account in i Phone Mail. Tap Edit at the top of the screen. Now tap New Mailbox in the bottom right corner. Type the desired name for the new folder in the field provided.

Find the place in the code where you wish to insert the link, and insert the following code: your anchor text (replace '[email protected]' with the email address you wish to be entered into the To line in your contact's email program and 'your anchor text' with the text you wish ...

Label emails one by one On your computer, open Inbox. Open or choose an email that you want to add to a new label. In the top right corner of the email, click More . To add the email to an existing label, click the label. To add the email to a new label, click Create new. Then type a name for your label and click Save.

Create, edit & delete labels Make sure you've downloaded the Gmail app. On your i Phone or i Pad, open the Gmail app . Tap the Menu . In the " Labels" section, tap Create new. Type a name. Tap Done.

How to create a folder for apps on your Home screen Touch and hold your finger on the app icon until you enter edit mode (the icons begin to jiggle). Drag the app icon you want to move. ... Drag the app icons on top of the last app icon you wish to move and hold until the folder interface appears.

Dreams mainly occur in the rapid-eye movement ( REM) stage of sleep—when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. REM sleep is revealed by continuous movements of the eyes during sleep. At times, dreams may occur during other stages of sleep.

Photograph of an Ojibwe 'dream catcher' from the early 1900's [ From Densmore 1979]. Today dream catchers are made by Native American artists from many Nations; a great deal of people are under the impression that the Lakota/ Dakota/ Nakota (called Sioux by others) originated the dreamcatcher...

Dreaming of babies may represent an immature aspect of yourself or a new aspect of yourself that is still maturing or developing. It may also symbolize a part of you that is feeling neglected or needs to be nurtured, loved and accepted by you. ... A baby dream may also be prodromal and is telling you that you are pregnant.